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Mutual Funds


What are Preferred Stock ETFs?

Aristotle wasn't talking about preferred stock ETFs when he said, "probable impossibilities are preferred to improbable possibilities." But he could have been. Preferreds, as they are sometimes referred, offer some substantial potential for yield but lack upside possibilities. ...(more)

Thoughtful Books about Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) were not intended for use by the investing public. Originally designed to be a place to park institutional money without upsetting the markets, the benefits of this type of investment soon brought it into the limelight. Here are some thoughtful books about the subject. ...(more)

Using Investor Sentiment to Measure the Markets

There are basically three types of markets. One is a bull market where share prices increase steadily. One is bear market where more sellers than buyers exist and share prices fall. The other is a market that simply trades sideways without any real direction. Can investor sentiment surveys help? ...(more)

Measuring Performance: Thoughts about Luck, Skill and Alpha

Actively managed mutual funds use a benchmark to advertise the skill of the fund manager. Index fund enthusiasts suggest any ability to beat the benchmark is just luck. In both cases, alpha is a measurement of performance on a risk-adjusted basis. Here are some thoughts about luck, skill and alpha. ...(more)

How to Invest

How Investing in Mutual Funds Can Help with Income Inequality

The subject of income inequality is not new. Economist have been studying the impact of this divide has on both the rich and the poor for decades. While there are numerous socio-political solutions, the answer may be well within your grasp in something as simple as your portfolio. ...(more)

Thoughtful Books about Mutual Fund Investing

If you own one book on investing, you probably have a shelf full of titles. They offer an opportunity to change your approach mutual fund investing, quietly reasoning that information creates success. Understanding this investment may be as close as reading the right book....(more)

The Real Value of the Large Cap Index

In an actively managed mutual fund, the choice of stocks is critical to the success of the fund. If your fund had triple digit gains over a five year period beginning in 2009, you might assume it was due to management skill. But you would be wrong. ...(more)


Can You Build Mutual Fund Portfolio with Only One Fund?

There is nothing wrong with attempting the easiest path in investing. In fact, there are numerous opportunities available to do just that. What is incredibly confusing is why. If you are using your hard-earned money to save for the future, a one fund portfolio may seem easy but is it smart? ...(more)

How Standard & Poors Builds Its 500 Index

One of the most popular measures on stock market performance is the S&P 500. This index of 500 large companies, determined by their market capitalization is designed to give investors a comparative snapshot of how other mutual funds and exchange traded funds are performing. ...(more)

Your Portfolio: How Aggressive is Too Aggressive?

Aggression is not often seen as a good quality in most social situations. It might be fine for sports but when it comes to most of the other decisions we make, adopting an aggressive stance may not be wise. So why do we categorize portfolios as either conservative or aggressive? Can they be both? ...(more)