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Mutual Funds


ETF Investing: Should You Let Winners Run?

One of the single, biggest problems facing exchange traded fund investors is the lack of a plan. It was easier when you invested in mutual funds. The plan you may have had used was probably something simple like long-term and/or indexed. But now you are looking at ETFs. That plan may not work. ...(more)

Mutual Fund Investing: Commonly Mentioned Words that Should Bring Fear

To a mutual fund investor, certain words mentioned in the news might trigger an emotional response. We are hard-wired to be fearful of what we don't know. Fear is not an investment tool. Here's what a mutual fund investor should do with some commonly mentioned words that often bring fear. ...(more)

ETF Investing: A Primer for the Risky Investor

Perhaps describing investors as average does them a bit of a disservice. Perhaps, we should look at that investor as a member of the median. The ETFs they may own may have little in the way of risk. What about the risky investor on the edge of the median who chooses ETFs that are illiquid?...(more)

ETF Investing: In the News

Just to make it perfectly clear, this article does not address any news you received today, last week or even last year. Instead, we should take a look at the news itself and whether what you might have heard is worth listening to and if so, when, or even if you should adjust your ETF portfolio. ...(more)

Types of Funds

The Weight of a Benchmark

You will find numerous references to 'weight' or to 'benchmarks' when the topic is indexing or how an actively managed mutual fund picks a comparative tool. But each index is slightly different, built with slightly different parameters. Here is a look at the weight of a benchmark? ...(more)

MSCI: Is Your ETF Using this Benchmark?

When an ETF is created, it often looks for a benchmark to track. While most of us think of this 'benchmarking' in terms of the top four or five providers, literally hundreds of thousands exist. Here's a look at one of those index providers and what the MSCI benchmark does for your ETF. ...(more)

Closed End Funds: Risk for the Risk Tolerant

Closed end funds offer a unique opportunity for the right investor. Understanding what they are and how they operate is important to determining whether this is a suitable investment. They may look like a bond fund and even hold income producing securities. But the risk is different. ...(more)

How to Invest

How Investing in Mutual Funds Can Help with Income Inequality

The subject of income inequality is not new. Economist have been studying the impact of this divide has on both the rich and the poor for decades. While there are numerous socio-political solutions, the answer may be well within your grasp in something as simple as your portfolio. ...(more)

Thoughtful Books about Mutual Fund Investing

If you own one book on investing, you probably have a shelf full of titles. They offer an opportunity to change your approach mutual fund investing, quietly reasoning that information creates success. Understanding this investment may be as close as reading the right book....(more)

The Real Value of the Large Cap Index

In an actively managed mutual fund, the choice of stocks is critical to the success of the fund. If your fund had triple digit gains over a five year period beginning in 2009, you might assume it was due to management skill. But you would be wrong. ...(more)